Climate Bug Shield

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2940 27th Street
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Arch 30 Amp Blank - $12.95

Round 30 Amp - $14.95


FINALLY! the new "CLIMATE BUG SHIELD" for your round electrical connection.

It seals the hole, you can lose your door but not your shield!

FINALLY! An accessory that will solve the problem of bugs and vermin getting in through your electrical connection box.  CLIMATE BUG SHIELD. It is a simple grommet that securely fastens into the electric cord box outlet. End of problem and no unsightly mess.

The CLIMATE BUG SHIELD also stops cool air from escaping in the summer and warm air from escaping in the fall and winter. This saves on wear and tear on your AC unit and propane use in the winter.

Great for keeping out little vermin!

CLIMATE BUG SHIELD is currently available for 30 amp square box hook-ups and for 30 amp round box applications.

Canadian orders are an additional $6.50 due to Canadian Custom Laws.

Keep the Zika mosquito out of your camper!

(409) 283-1532